Memory Lane: Older Whirlpool Stack Laundry Unit with Belt Drive Washer

Had the opportunity to work on an antique the other day: a 30+ year old Whirlpool stack laundry unit with a belt drive washer. This old work horse was still chugging along, just needed a new lid switch. In terms of durability and reliability, you’ll not find anything even close to this machine these days. Just pray to the pot-bellied, bug-eyed Buddha that you never have to replace the belt on this old war pig!

While I was in there, I got some pictures of the innards. Come tiptoe thru the pulleys with me…

Basic View with Front Panel RemovedBasic View with Front Panel Removed

BTW, you can click the pics for the larger view with illuminating annotations.

Main Drive GutsMain Drive Guts

Closeup of BeltCloseup of Belt



Live Action Movie!
If you watch closely, you’ll see the legendary wigwag in action.

How to String the BeltHow to String the Belt

Schematic - Pasted Inside the PanelSchematic – Pasted Inside the Panel

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