Troubleshooting Drive Motor Problems in a Frigidaire Front Loading Washer

(Also applies to Kenmore washers with a model number prefix of 417.)

Note: Begin troubleshooting a no-spin condition by checking the door latch switch. If it checks good, then proceed with this flowchart. See the tech sheet with your washer for the door latch switch test procedure. The procedures described below assume that the door latch switch tests good.

The most common motor problem with this washer is no-spin; the drum may tumble, but it either never goes into spin at all or or just never ramps up to high speed spin. The tech sheet supplied with the washer (inside the cabinet, in a big envelope pasted to an inside wall– remove bottom front quarter panel to get to it) gives troubleshooting instructions but they are poorly written and difficult to follow, even for sage and battle-hardened appliantologists. The troubleshooting flowchart below from the service manual is mo’ bettah:

Frigidaire-built Frontload Washer Motor Troubleshooting Flowchart
(click for larger image)

As noted in the flowchart, it’s pretty rare for the motor to fail in this washer, although I have seen it. The motor winding continuity checks are done through the motor wire harness at the speed control board (for convenience). If you get an open reading there, don’t take it as gospel that the motor is bad– repeat the test at the motor itself so that you’re not reading through the motor wire harness. The wire harness itself, specifically the molex connector, is a more common troublemaker than the motor.

A more common failure item causing a no-spin condition in this washer is the speed control board.

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