Washing Machine Drain Pipe Backs Up and Overflows When Washer Pumps Out

Dick Slade wrote:

Kenmore washer, Model 110.92582220. The drain pipe in my house is only 1-1/2″. Water backs up. The water backs up from our drain pipe and out of drain where the flexible J-shaped hose from the washing machine connects to the drain. I have had our drain pipes ‘snaked’ or ‘rooted’ so I know there is no blockage. I have been told that the water comes out of the washer so fast that this size drain-pipe simply can’t handle it. Is there any way that I can reduce the rate at which the water is pumped OUT of the washer – by adjusting the pump, or restricting the size of the opening where it drains? One local plumbing company said that they have had some success in similar situations by clamping a 3/4″ nipple on the end of the hose that empties into the 1-1/2″ drain. Can this be done safely without causing a leak somewhere else in the washer, or worse yet, damaging the washer? Any other thoughts (besides re-piping my house)? Thanks

Well, well, well, sounds like you got yerself a bonafide case of them ol’ Washing Machine Drain Pipe Backin’ Up Blues.

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