How to Test the Evaporator Fan Motor in a GE Profile Refrigerator

Le Procédure:

  1. Unplug the refrigumerator. This resets the main control board.
  2. Warm up the freezer thermistor to 70°F– an infrared temperature gun makes for an easy, quick, and accurate way to tell when the desired temperature is reached.
  3. Set the temperature controls to das middle settings.
  4. Plug the refrigumerator back in.
  5. Use your meter to check for 13 VDC from the red to the white wire and between 8 to 13 VDC from the white to the yellow wire at the evaporator fan motor connector.
  6. If you don’t have the correct voltage at either location, then the muthaboard is fried– was probably taken out by the evaporator fan motor getting moisture in it. If all you do at this point is replace the muthaboard, chances are excellent that you’ll be replacing it again real soon because that flakey evaporator fan motor will fry the new one, too. Moral of Story: don’t get cute and think you’re gonna save a buck two-eighty by changing only the muthaboard. Replace both the evaporator fan motor and the muthaboard at the same time. I know it sucks but don’t bitch at me– you’re the one who bought a GE, go whine to them!
  7. OTOH, if the voltages at both locations are good, then you can probably get by with changing just the evaporator fan motor.


evaporator fan motor used in GE refrigerators


motherboard used in GE refrigerators.


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3 thoughts on “How to Test the Evaporator Fan Motor in a GE Profile Refrigerator

  1. Wolfsnap

    I have removed the evap fan – and it’s indeed bad – but I won’t be able to get ahold of a re3placement until tomorrow. How much damage can occur if I let the unit run without the fan installed? (Bunch of stuff in there that I have nowhere to put).

  2. Vincycarl

    Ge Profile PSHS6TGXCD SS refrigerator side-by-side just about 3 years old. Refrigerator side keeps heating up, melting cheese etc overnight. A couple times I unplugged the unit and left it for a few minutes and it worked again for about a week. The last time I left it off for over a day and plugged it in. Now it is registering 10 degrees in freezer and between 40 and 45 in Refrigerator. – freezer was OK before. Any idea what I can do to help? Someone told me the motherboard needs changing, but others say this will not solve the problem, I’ll have to change the fan as well.
    Help Please anyone…
    Thanks Vincycarl

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