Reloaded: Your Favorite Appliance Repair Weapon of Mass Instruction Now Goes to Eleven

That’s right, my friends, just went one bettah. Now you can find the appliance repair information you need faster and in high-swank style. Daf right, Homes, we pimpin’ now!

I finally did that server migration I’ve been angsting about for over a month and I thought, “Hello? Why is there an echo in here?” Whoops, sorry, wrong thought. Anyway, what better time for a website makeover than when you move into a new server? I couldn’t think of one so I grabbed a couple cases of Smuttynose Star Island Single and went to work. When I woke up on the floor next to my compooter, my bloodshot eye (the other one was still swollen shut) did behold the glory of the new look. Please allow me to give you a quick tour.

Thank you for not smoking.  Have a nice day.In re-building, we’ve incorporated all the latest available technology… and even some technology that’s not yet available. For example, this website is now constructed with a fully-anodized, uni-welded titanium frame to achieve superior strength and durability while keeping page weight to a minimum. For your safety while navigating the site, you’ll find a fully-inflatable and self-illuminating navigation menu at the top of the screen. And, for the comfort of other browsers here at the site, please notice that is a smoke-free website. is best viewed using the VistaView 3D NavGoggles.Taking a cue from the blockbuster movie, Avatar, we realized that 3D websites are gonna be the next big thing on the web. Since the Samurai is always on the bleeding edge of technology, is now the first and only site on the web to offer a 3D browsing experience. Yes, my friends, now experience the total Samurai awesomeness of in 3D using the VistaView 3D NavGoggles! Unfortunately the goggles haven’t been made yet, or even invented as far as I know, but when they are…! is braille captioned for the visually impaired.Here at, we’re always looking for new ways of making the site accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their physical challenge. So, today I’m proud to announce that is now Braille captioned for the vision impaired. If you’re not seeing the Braille captions, just thank the pot-bellied, bald-headed Buddha that you ain’t blind!

We hope you enjoy your enhanced repair experience here at the new, improved Samurai Appliance Repair Man.


3 thoughts on “ Reloaded: Your Favorite Appliance Repair Weapon of Mass Instruction Now Goes to Eleven

  1. cptncatholic

    Thanks for the newsletter and the updates! Well done on the site, and I look forward to advancing my own skills…

    For the record, tomorrow is the Feast of St. Joseph and because it’s a major feast day on the church calender, everyone is exempt from Lenten sacrifices. Even abstaining from meat!

    So, how are you going to Feast tomorrow?

  2. Mrs. Samurai

    Alas, no such luck for the Samurai and I… we are Eastern Orthodox Christians and our commemoration of St. Joseph is on a different day (between Christmas and New Years). We will soldier on… and hope you have a blessed Feast Day!

    Mrs. Samurai

  3. tjjfitz

    Yes! Thank you, Jesus! (or should I thank the good St. Joseph?).

    Getting out the salty snacks now and thinking about the last sausage in the meat drawer.

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