Refrigerator Tuneup Tips for Summer

Ahh, sweet summertime– it’s what we professional appliantologists call “refrigerator season” because we get loaded up with calls for refrigerator problems. “Why is that, Captain Ron?” No one knows. Well, that ain’t ezzacly true. With the warmer temperatures and higher humidity, the refrigerator is having to work harder to keep your beer cold and get rid of all the extra moisture that accumulates inside. Here are some tips and tools that’ll hepya keep your beer tooth-crackin’ cold.

The single most important thing about your refrigerator for cold beer is temperature. This sounds obvious but did you know that most people have no idea what the temperature is inside their refrigerator? They ass-u-me that the setting on their refrigerator controls somehow correlates to a temperature inside the box year ’round, regardless of things like ambient temperature and humidity, amount of time the door is open, amount of pet hair on the condenser, etc. Read this quick explanation of how refrigerator controls work.

Pop Quiz: How can you tell what the temperature is inside the refrigerator?

Answer: By using a thermometer!

Every refrigerator should have a thermometer inside of it. Not having a thermometer inside your refrigerator is like driving a car without a speedometer. Here’s the thermometer you need:

refrigerator thermometer

In addition to a thermometer inside the beer compartment, you should have a temperature alarm inside the freezer to give you an early heads-up incase it starts warming up. This can save big $$ by preventing spoiled food.

freezer alarm

Summer can bring out lots of smells inside the refrigerator that were masked by the colder temperatures of winter. These smells can impart off-tastes to the ice cubes, too. This nifty carbon deodorizer sucks up that nasty stink to keep your fridge smelling sweet, baby, sweet.

Refrigerator deoderizer

Dirty condensers are one of the biggest causes for warm refrigerators in summer. During winter, your refrigerator might have been able to keep things cold inside despite the condenser being matted with cat or dog hair. But now with the warmer ambient temperatures of summer, it can’t quite make it anymore. What’s a brutha to do? Clean the condenser with your vacuum and a condenser brush!

refrigerator condenser brush

And when was the last time you replaced the water filter in your refrigerator? The Samurai has a complete selection of water filters for any make or model of refrigerator. Come git you some!

Finally, ever wonder how much energy your refrigerator (or any other plug-in appliance) is using? Well, wonder no more with the Kill-a-Watt meter!

To learn more about your refrigerator, or to order parts, click here.


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