Troubleshooting the Muthaboard in GE Profile Arctica Side-by-Side Refrigerators with the CustomCool™ Feature

The CustomCool is a gimmicky marketing name that GE came up with for what is basically a souped-up crisper drawer in the refrigerator. The drawer has been outfitted with a system of dampers, a fan, a temperature thermistor and a heater. Depending on the function selected on the CustomCool settings in the controls at the top of the refrigerator, a combination of these components can be used to theoretically chill items quickly, thaw items or hold the drawer pan at a specific temperature.

CustomCool™ should not be confused with TurboCool™, which is yet another gimmicky marketing name for a different feature of dubious value in the some GE refrigerators.

I’ve previously posted troubleshooting flowcharts for GE refrigerators and a generic warm refrigerator troubleshooting flowchart. This flowchart is a little different– it’s for troubleshooting the muthaboard in GE Profile Arctica refrigerators with the CustomCool™ feature. You can download it here:

GE Profile Arctica Refrigerator Main Board Troubleshooting Flow Chart (370 kb, PDF file)

As a result of your troubleshooting using the flowchart that I’ve graciously and generously provided above, you’ll probably find one of the components in this handy list needs to be replaced. I’ve included links to more information on each item. And you can conveniently buy them right here– just click the pictures to get ’em. Your purchase is what helps keep this site going so if you like what I do here, please buy your appliance parts through my links. Domo!


GE refrigerator muthaboard
(click it to git it)

FAQs for Replacing the Motherboard in a GE Refrigerator


GE refrigerator temperature sensor (thermistor)
(click it to git it)

Upgraded Thermistors in GE Refrigerators

Damper Assembly

GE Refrigerator air inlet cover/damper kit with fan motor. Damper and fan assembly has been updated to prevent freezing in the refrigerator.
(click it to git it)

GE Arctica Refrigerator: Broken Air Damper and Everything’s Freezing in the Beer Compartment!

Testing the Damper Door in a GE Profile Arctica Refrigerator

How to Remove the Fresh Food Air Damper in the GE Arctica Pro Side-by-Side GSS23-GSS25-GSS27-PSS23-PSS27-PSS29-PSSS25 Refrigerator

GE Side by Side Refrigerator Freezing the Beer

Evaporator Fan

GE refrigerator evaporator fan
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How to Test the Evaporator Fan Motor in a GE Profile Refrigerator

How to Replace the Evaporator Fan and Motherboard in a GE Arctica Refrigerator

Defrost Heater

GE refrigerator defrost heater assembly
(click it to git it)

The Samurai Test for the Defrost Circuit in a GE Refrigerator with a Muthaboard… and the Quick Fix

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