Whirlpool Duet Steam Washer – F35 Error Code

Example model numbers affected: WFW9550WW, WFW9600TA

Most common cause for the F35 error code: Using non-HE detergent. Detergent slime builds up in the hose, eventually getting into the analog pressure switch and killing it.

Corrective action: Replace the Analog Pressure Switch. Remove the top panel of washer, the switch is mounted on the right-hand side panel, item 20 in this diagram.

analog pressure switch
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One thought on “Whirlpool Duet Steam Washer – F35 Error Code

  1. jtow

    1.) The Purchase:
    I purchased my Duet Steam Model Number WFW9500TW01 on 11/04/08.

    2.) The Problem:
    7/1/2011 It started getting the F35 error.

    3.) The Troubleshooting:
    I was able to open the top of the washer and go through some of the troubleshooting that I saw online (disconnecting the hose, blowing back into the washer) which seemed to fix it for about 10 loads but then again it started SUDS / F35 non-stop. I called a local repair service and found that I needed the “analog water pressure level sensor” which apparently had been discontinued by Whirlpool and replaced with a re-engineered part.

    4.) The Part needed out of stock and backordered for months:
    Old Part: W10156252
    New Part: W10415587

    The local repair service said that the part was on national backorder and according to their main supplier it had been so for 2 months. The new shipment of these parts was supposed to arrive 7/18/2011. On 7/18/2011 nobody called me to tell me whether or not they were in, so I called Whirlpool and escalated the issue with them.

    5.) The call to Whirlpool:
    First I spoke with Emma, she confirmed the part was now on a preliminary delivery date of 7/29/11. I shared my frustrations and she transferred me to a “specialist”, who, spoke as if she was chewing her own face – her name was “Candy” from Tennessee. I knew that I wasn’t going to get anywhere with her so I escalated to her manager “Austin”. “Austin” tried or said he tried to find the part from a couple of sources but couldn’t. He said:

    “Sir, in this case what we need to do is get this to our Product Review Board who may offer you a replacement unit. They will call you within 24 hours”.

    6.) The call from the Whirlpool Product Review Board:
    The next day 7/19/2010 a woman named Tihate called me and said that I qualified for a new replacement machine. She went on to explain that it was a newer model but would still fit on my pedestals that I purchased and would be white like my old model.

    6a.) One Small Thing:
    Tihate added that there would be a small fee for the new washer of $578.57

    7.) The final resolution.
    I politely declined her offer. I will now wait for the part, fix the washer and sell it along with every Whirlpool, GE and Maytag appliance in my home.

    My new LG washing machine will be here tomorrow, with a standard 10 year warranty which costs about $150 more than the replacement from Whirlpool.

    Tihate’s direct number is 1-866-640-7146 ext 6496

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