Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer: Testing and Replacing the Motor Control Unit (MCU)

Phil wrote:

I am getting the dreaded F70 code on my Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer, model number WFW9200SQ02. I have changed the CCU twice, and changed the R/H User interface with all new parts. Still get F70 and only clicks on the power on button. I checked continuity of the harness between the CCU and Interface and tested ok. I have seen other posts with the same problem with no solution. Anybody know??????



Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer Component Locations

On your Motor Control Unit (MCU) board (down in the bottom, by the motor) you have a three-blue-wire harness. Pull that harness off and let it hang in the air. Close the door and power the unit up. If prior to removing the harness, you got an F70 error code or three quick beeps when you tried to start it but now, with the harness off, it acts like it is going to run, then you have a bad MCU. Now, mind you– the machine will not run with the blue harness removed, but if it now programs and acts like it’s gonna run, then your MCU is FUBAR.

This is all summarized and illustrated in the photo below, go ahead and download it and send it around to all your friends like they do to you with those stupid jokes or useless photoshopped pictures. Except you’ll be sending out something that’s really useful. You’ll have all the babes flocking around you at parties!

Testing the MCU in a Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer

If the MCU proves bad using the test that the Samurai has so graciously and benevolently revealed unto you, then you can return the favor by purchasing the replacement MCU here. If not, then you can buy me a brewski. Domo!

Motor control unit
(click it to git it)

This pagelet will help you replace the MCU:



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  1. mjm

    I would like the test for the mcu for a duet HT 9400pw. the setup is a bit different than the sport. I am getting the F6 error code. checked the harness wires but need to test the mcu. help would be great in this.

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