Whirlpool-Kenmore Even Heat Dryer Won’t Heat; Checked All the Basics Still No Joy

wolfpackapprentice wrote:

I have a Kenmore model 110.63956102 dryer that tumbles but does not heat. I have checked almost everything, I think, and I am still puzzled. Here is the list:

1. Power at terminal block – 240V in and 120V on each side
2. thermal cut-off shows continuity
3. High limit thermostat shows continuity, but when I put it on griddle it seems to open before the griddle is at 250F. Could this be a problem?
4. Heater shows 10.1 ohms – which is correct according to tech sheet.
5. thermistor reads about 9.1 k-ohms which would be almost right for the temp in my house.
6. I can’t figure out how to test the heater relay since there is not a test in the tech sheet.
7. Also can’t find the centrifugal switch, but how likely is that to be the problem?
8. I thought it was the temperature switch since the continuity on the switch at medium and medium high does not match the table in the tech sheet. However the new switch I ordered is the same.

Any suggestions because I don’t really know where to go from here?

This is one of the infamous “Even Heat” dryers about which I’ve cast several pearls that have sustained many a hapless apprentice; this one especially applies to your particular predicament.

To distill the wisdom contained in above-linked post, try swapping the heater and motor relays in the control panel. If the problem changes to one where you’re now getting heat but the dryer stops running as soon as the start button is released, you need to replace the relay.

If, OTOH, the problem remains the same then, assuming you accurately and correctly made the tests you listed, then you need to replace the Even Heat control board.

For gory details, see this post:


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