Daily Summary of Samurai’s Tweets

  • Gas Stove Burners Sparking Like They’re Possessed | Fixitnow.com Samurai Appliance Repair Man http://bit.ly/cOlot7 #
  • Is your Kenmore Ultra Quiet dishwasher sooo quiet that ain't washing the dishes? | Fixitnow.com http://ow.ly/2wr0p #
  • "Mah GE washer machine done broke. Where do I start?" Ratcheer, budrow: http://ow.ly/2wr6b #
  • Samurai's growing collection of washing machine repair manuals on Scribd. By invitation only… and you're invited http://ow.ly/2wrac #
  • Speed Queen washer AWS17NWS: how's that freakin' belt go on? http://post.ly/uSr4 #
  • Magic Chef gas range spark module: Does it take a magical chef to locate the dang thang! http://post.ly/uTdd #
  • Fixitnow.com:: Maytag MGR57 Gas Range Wiring Diagram and Schematic http://bit.ly/dhQmLI #
  • Fixitnow.com:: Anatomy of a Gas Burner Assembly in a Dryer http://bit.ly/bSGOVw #
  • Ice maker saddle tap valves- the Good, the Bad, and… well, that's it, really. http://post.ly/uUBr #
  • Fixitnow.com:: Whirlpool-Kenmore Even Heat Dryer Won't Heat; Checked All the Basics Still No Joy http://bit.ly/bqX7ZN #

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