Diagnosing the Mysterious and Elusive “te” Error Code in LG Washing Machines

According to LG’s service information, the pernicious “te” error code is caused by a faulty thermistor. If you were just blithely to go buy a new thermistor and plug it in hoping to fix your washer, you may be disappointed. Sublime Master john63 honors us again in the Samurai School of Appliantology with his pearls of wisdom on this vexing error code:

THERMISTORS rarely fail in LG washers.

The most likey cause of the “te” error is:

1) Loose wiring at the control panel (directly behind the CYCLE SELECTOR KNOB)

2) Broken wire at the THERMISTOR (located at the bottom /front of the tub)

To access the wire plug connectors at the CONTROL PANEL—-remove the top cover of the washer.

Stand in front of the washer and look for the plug connectors behind the CONTROL PANEL. Pull apart the plugs and re-install.

Test the washer. If the “te” error still occurs—-it will be neccesary to remove the FRONT PANEL as well (two sets of special plier-type tools are needed).

Inspect the THERMISTOR closely—-with good lighting. If there’s a break in the wire it will be at or near the black sheathing / heat shrink material.

Though not as common—-a broken wire at this location is *usually* caused by excessive vibration during the spin cycle. This is also *usually* found on the older LG washers that are in *wood floor* laundry rooms.

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6 thoughts on “Diagnosing the Mysterious and Elusive “te” Error Code in LG Washing Machines

  1. tulsajody71

    THANK YOU! Read this and was able to pull apart and reconnect the plugs to correct the problem. Very simple. Please not that there are only two screws holding on the top cover and you have to slide it back about an inch to get the top off. The Samurai saved me a lot of time. Again, thank you Sensei.

  2. whitlocklm

    I have a question about this. Is the plug the one with red and brown wires? I got the error code now the washer will not turn on at all. Just noticed as well that when I plug it in and push the power button the resistor wired into the main board behind the control knob starts to smoke. I know this isn’t good but also figure there is a reason for this happening. Also on the thermistor mine is not plugged into anything. It’s just there with an empty plug end. There aren’t any wires anywhere to plug into it. This has me lost.

  3. whitlocklm

    Thanks for the info. I just wasn’t sure if it was just burnt out or if something else was causing it as well. Now about that risistor. Is it supposed to be plugged into the wiring? I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to electronics but figure stuff out real quick. And this part just stumped me.

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