Hosed by butchered Fisher-Paykel dishdrawer drain hose installations? Here’s why…

I’ve worked on lotsa these dishdrawers from Down Under and, in my experience, the El Numero Uno problem I see with these things comes from the installer doing a crappy job setting up the drain hose. It’s not much different from your everyday dishwasher but, hey, I see lots of screw ups there, too, especially when they’re installed by plumbers. Now, don’t start sending me hate mail telling be about how “plumbers rule the world because the world is run by a**holes” and all that malarky. Plumbing is a highly skilled trade, it’s true. But lots of plumbers think that because they know about how water runs downhill, that makes them qualified to work on appliances. Well, I’ve seen first-hand how that just ain’t true.

Anyway, stop getting me sidetracked on our cousin tradesmen. Here’s the page right from the Fisher-Paykel installation sheets that comes with every single F-P dishdrawer showing how the drain hoses are supposed to be installed. You know most of the time, I find these pages still in the plastic wrapper, untouched by an installer’s hands? ‘Tis sad but ’tis true, too.

So, if you’re having weird drainage problems with your dishdrawer, like long drain times, no draining, one drawer filling up whilst the other is draining, and you live in the Land of the Formerly-Free, then you best start by taking a look at your drain hose situation and comparing it with the installation sheet below.

Fisher Paykel Dishdrawer Drain Hose Configurations

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