Tips for installing the spring-loaded door gasket ring on a Bosch washing machine

Replacing the door boot in a Bosch washer is a pretty straight-forward job; this little cheat sheet shows the basic disassembly and gets you most of the way there==>

The one little detail they gloss over is getting the spring-loaded door boot retaining ring back on. This seemingly innocuous and trivial procedure has been the source of much spleen-venting for both Grasshoppers and Master Appliantologists alike. Well, you just go grab you a cold brewski and a small screwdriver and sing along with Master Appliantologist Delawaredrew as he shares some tips for getting the retaining ring back on:

Place spring clamp around seal partway, making sure one end of the spring is behind lip, and nearly 1/2 of the left side of the clamp is in position. I usually locate spring at bottom so I can hold the spring behind the lip with my left hand and use my elbow to hold top side of clamp behind the lip. SO left hand down holding one end of spring, left elbow holding wire behind lip towards top and free right hand.

Insert the screwdriver into loop on clamp where spring attaches. Gripping the shaft of the driver near the tip to stop spring from sliding up it and allowing you to keep the spring from pulling away from washer, you can the stretch spring enough to allow rest of clamp to drop behind the lip. It’ll take some force to stretch it, and might take a few attempts to get the hang of it but it is easy once you get the trick down.
—->Point the screwdriver tip slightly in the direction you want to stretch the spring, do not lead with the handle end as it will likely pop out and you’ll gouge the front of your machine (ask me how I know this!) Make sure screw driver is large enough not to slide out of the loop sideways but not too large to slip though the hole in the loop.

If you need a new door boot for your Bosch washer, get it here (use your model number to select the correct one)==>

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