Usage tips for an LG combo all-in-one washer-dryer

You may have seen the LG combo washer dryers the last time you were looking at appliances. They’re all the rage among city dwellers where space in those tiny studio apartments is a rare and precious commodity because the washer and dryer are combined into one machine. While they do save on space, don’t expect it to act exactly like a stand-alone washer dryer set.

A Grasshopper in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums recently scored a good deal on a used LG WM3431HW combo washer dryer and asked about some noticeable differences in how these machines run compared to stand-alone washers and dryers. Sublime Master john63 gives a good summary of the differences. Let’s listen in…

I was wondering if i have a problem cause the clothes are not coming out dry like a standard dryer does.


This is a combo washer and dryer all-in-one.

The dryer is of the condensate-dry type (no external dryer exhaust vent system).

The dry cycle can take (depending on fabric type) 3 to 6 hours to dry laundry.

Open the door to the tub—you’ll notice a black slash mark near the opening which indicates 2/3rd full.

Dry laundry should not be loaded into the tub higher than this mark—or the wet laundry will take an abnormal amount of (for a condensate dryer) time to dry—or not dry completely.

If the unit is more than a year old—it may be necessary to clean out the condensate DUCT.

Remove the rear access panel. On the left side of the tub—remove the DUCT where it attaches to the bottom of the tub & remove any / all lint accumulation.


Also i was wondering if you should be hearing the water turning on and off in the dry cycle ?


During the dry cycle—a special cold water misting valve sprays into the condensate DUCT. This converts steam from the wet laundry in the tub back to liquid—to be drained by the drain motor—which turns on & off intermittently.


I was doing some reasearch on a “Cd” error. From what i have been reading it is a cool down process not an error am i correct ?



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