How to replace the Hall Sensor in an LG front-loading washer

So, you tested the Hall Sensor in your LG washer and determined that it’s toast. Now the big questions: 1) Where to get the new sensor? and 2) How to install it?

1. Where to get the new Hall Sensor?

Right here, of course! With fast shipping and a 365-day return policy, the choice of part vendor is clear! Part Link ==> Hall Sensor.

2. How to install the new Hall Sensor?

I’ll let Master john63 from the Samurai School of Appliantology explain that:

1. Unplug washer

2. Remove the rear access panel (4 phillips screws)

3. Remove the large 17mm bolt at the center of the ROTOR
Pull off the ROTOR (has magnetic tension)

4. At the bottom of the STATOR ASSY (Motor Coil) remove the phillips screw on the
metal wire harness-plate. This will allow slack when removing the STATOR ASSY.

5. Remove all of the 10mm bolts from the STATOR ASSY.
Carefully lower the STATOR ASSY & disconnect the HALL EFFECT SENSOR plug.

6. Unclip the *single* tab of the HALL EFFECT SENSOR to remove it from the STATOR.

7. Install new HALL EFFECT SENSOR—verify that all 4 snap/lock tabs are securely
attached to the STATOR ASSY.

8. Re-assembly in reverse order.

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