Another killa podcast: Untangling the Samurai’s Websites

Join Samurai Appliance Repair Man and Mrs. Samurai for another action-packed, adrenaline-gushing episode of their award-winning podcast as they talk you through the Samurai Suite of DIY appliance repair websites and explain why they are the way they are. This podcast episode was inspired by and is dedicated to Samurai Apprentice and supporter, Bill D.

Bill writes:

No real problem, Sensei. Just a note to say thanks–I love your site. I donated $10 to the Beer Fund this morning.

I will say that I had to open a new account on (xxxx) because my old account (xxxx) doesn’t seem to let me log in or send me a password reset even though my e-mail account is registered there. Not a big deal, just letting you know. I used my work e-mail for the second account, which is fine I guess. I would rather use the account with my home e-mail address, but I seem to be locked out or something. Every time I use your site (once per year?) I have to re-learn where the real repair forum is. I totally do not understand the difference between,, and And they don’t seem to have the same membership login info. I doubt that I am the only idiot who is confused by this. Why not unify everything and use redirects to get all sites pointed to the same place?

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