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Preference for Kenmore Brand Appliances?

Your Name: Araceli

Type of Appliance: Oven/Range/Stove

Brand: Kenmore

Model Number: 911.46569096

Your Precious Words:
Dear Appliance Samurai,

My parents are looking to replace their Kenmore slide in range which is now 10+ years old and have asked me to research brands/prices of electric ranges. They prefer Kenmore, but which brands are the higher end quality while still staying in their $800 budget? Any suggestions on brand comparison sites?

Thanks for your time and Happy Valentine’s Day!



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No Cold Water on a Maytag Centennial Washer

Your Name: Patricia

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: Maytag Centenial

Model Number: MVWC300VW1

Your Precious Words:
when I put the clothes on a cold wash it does not work, but it will work on hot . I checked line for clogging it was clear and I checked the cold water from house it was working I am wondering maybe if it is a Sensor ? I hate maytag they really Sux . thank you so much

Replacement water inlet valve ==>

Maytag Centennial washer water inlet valve

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GE range keeps blowing elements. Can it be fixed?

Your Name: Catherine

Type of Appliance: Oven/Range/Stove

Brand: GE

Model Number: jb16

Your Precious Words:
The bake element on my oven completely fried. Got a new one, installed it, turned it on.flash! sizzle! SMOKE!

turned it off and went to meditate on the need for an oven.

Took the back off the stove (several days later, mediation takes time) and found the yellow wire going to the thermostat completely fried off.

Once again contemplated the need for baked food.

Can this be fixed (30 year old unit)? Should it? Is raw food really better for you anyway?

Model number location help:

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Refrigerator won’t turn on unless you jiggle the temperature control dial

Your Name: Jim

Type of Appliance: Refrigerator

Brand: whirlpool

Model Number: ED5PVEXWS02

Your Precious Words:
refrig. doesnt come back on. will come on sometimes if mess with cold control

Temperature control (cold control) replacement with a 365-day return policy ==>

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Samurai’s washer and dryer recommendations [podcast]

Your Name: Matt

Type of Appliance: None

Brand: ?

Model Number: ?

Your Precious Words:
OK, so I am ready to buy another set of laundry machines. After coming to this site for the last 8 or so years I figured you’d be best to ask….

Top loader or front loader?
Old skool or hi efficient?

I really want machines that work & don’t break down (too often#. Doing about 2+ loads a day gives these appliances alot of use. If I buy new machines I don’t want to smell mold when I open the washer & I don’t need bells & whistles or computer boards that crash either.
The set I have now #Whirlpool – Washer LSQ9549LWO & Gas Dryer LGQ9857LWO) has given me some troubles over the past 7 years….all dryer issues (& a 24′ vent run!) but now I have an agitator that isn’t agitatin’, a rusty lid and a tub that looks scumy #soap scum above normal water line# on the washer…, the wife wants new, even though these machines do a decent job of cleaning!
I’ve checked consumer reports and reviews from lots of sites and there is soooo much conflicting information. I was ready to buy the Whirlpool WGD94HEXW based on consumer reports recommendation##1# but then I read the reviews #only 1 star buy owners of the machines#. I want to make a good decision! Can you help shed some light on my dy-lemma?

Or, let me ask you like this……if you were to go get yourself a new set of machines….what would the Samurai buy?

Thanks, in advance, for your wisdom!

Great question! In this episode of their award-winning and internationally-acclaimed podcast on Radio, Samurai Appliance Repair Man and Mrs. Samurai discuss their recommendations if you’re considering buying a new washer and dryer. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll become a part of you. Come have a listen.

In the podcast, they discuss stand-alone machines; if you’re thinking about buying a stack laundry unit, you’ll want to watch this short video from the Samurai’s alter-ego.

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Flex tray ice maker in a Samsung refrigerator not making ice [podcast]

Your Name: K. Gaff

Type of Appliance: Ice Maker

Brand: Samsung

Model Number: RS2533VQ

Your Precious Words:
I can hear the electric connection click when moving the arm to the right side of the unit up and down. Tray is in the dump position,and will not rotate by hand. No water is currently in fill tube. Wife says, I need to fix it right now or no supper.

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F50 error code on a Whirlpool Cabrio / Maytag Bravo / Kenmore Oasis washing machine [podcast]

The F50 error code is a common one that pops up in the Maytag Bravo, Whirlpool Cabrio, Kenmore Oasis top-loading washers. This episode of Radio explains what causes this error code and how to fix it.

Your Name: Loren

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: Maytag

Model Number: Bravo top load

Your Precious Words:
The machines keeps flashing F50 code.

Rotor Position Sensor (RPS) ==>

Control Module ==>

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GE front loading washer will not drain even after the pump filter was cleaned out. What else could be the problem?

Your Name: Jeff

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: GE

Model Number: WBVH5300

Your Precious Words:
The washer suddenly will not drain the water from the drum…….I cleaned the pump filter out but no joy. Can there possibly be something plugging it up past the filter? And if so is that something I can fix at home? Thanks!!

Part link to the replacement drain pump ==>

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Why is a Bosch dishwasher constantly running in drain mode?

Your Name: Elizabeth

Type of Appliance: Dishwasher

Brand: bosch

Model Number: shu9925uc

Your Precious Words:
My dishwasher will not turn off. I think it is in a constant drain mode though I am not sure. I tried your test for another, similar model by holding down the power’scrub and delicate buttons simultaneously, turning on and then releasing buttons. Those lights flashed and when those buttons were then pushed, the regular wash light went on.

The Appliantology Academy ==>

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Which capacitors to replace on a range control board to fix a dim display?

Your Name: mark

Type of Appliance: Oven/Range/Stove

Brand: kitchen aid

Model Number: kesc300bwh6

Your Precious Words:
your advise to replace capacitors for dim display sound good but this board has a total of ten. which ones control the lights?

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Another killa podcast: Untangling the Samurai’s Websites

Join Samurai Appliance Repair Man and Mrs. Samurai for another action-packed, adrenaline-gushing episode of their award-winning podcast as they talk you through the Samurai Suite of DIY appliance repair websites and explain why they are the way they are. This podcast episode was inspired by and is dedicated to Samurai Apprentice and supporter, Bill D.

Bill writes:

No real problem, Sensei. Just a note to say thanks–I love your site. I donated $10 to the Beer Fund this morning.

I will say that I had to open a new account on (xxxx) because my old account (xxxx) doesn’t seem to let me log in or send me a password reset even though my e-mail account is registered there. Not a big deal, just letting you know. I used my work e-mail for the second account, which is fine I guess. I would rather use the account with my home e-mail address, but I seem to be locked out or something. Every time I use your site (once per year?) I have to re-learn where the real repair forum is. I totally do not understand the difference between,, and And they don’t seem to have the same membership login info. I doubt that I am the only idiot who is confused by this. Why not unify everything and use redirects to get all sites pointed to the same place?

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Why does an icemaker fill tube keep plugging up with ice?

Your Name: VICKI
Type of Appliance: Refrigerator
Brand: Frigidaire
Model Number: FRS22ZRF
Your Precious Words:
We have replaced the ice maker. Tried tapeing to insulate the tube for the water, and it still will not make ice. Tube keeps freezing in freezer. We have also turned down the freezer. I have to keep mopping water up in front of the frig too, because, my husband says he thinks thats from the insde hose being blown off when it freezes up. We need to know why it freezes. Thank yo so much, Vicki

Icemaker fill valves for all brands and models ==>

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Why do all new dishwashers suck?

Your Name: rick

Type of Appliance: Dishwasher

Brand: frigidaire

Your Precious Words:
customer is not satisfied with the drying, i checked everything is working properly. the heater comes on and the vent door opens. so he wants a new dryer [sic]. he wants me to get it for him. i was hunting for one that dries the dishes good

Rick gets more of an earful than he probably expected when Mrs. Samurai and I talked about this in our latest podcast. Click the play button below to listen:

How to replace the touchpad in a microwave oven [video and podcast]

Your Name: Clint
Type of Appliance: Microwave Oven
Brand: Whirlpool
Model Number: MH1150XMS-3
Your Precious Words: How hard is it to replace a touchpad?

Part links:

Touchpad ==>

Circuit Board ==>

Click the play button below to listen to just the audio portion of this reply… Radio: The Whole Sick Social Web Trip

Listen in on Samurai Appliance Repair Man and Mrs. Samurai having an honest discussion on the pros and cons of using social media, like Facebook and Twitter, as a venue for promoting a business. How useful is social media for communicating with existing customers or users and how effective is it for reaching out to new people? (10 minutes)