Ice from the ice maker has a funny smell and aftertaste

Your Name: David

Type of Appliance: Ice Maker

Brand: whirlpool

Model Number: 628370rev.a

Your Precious Words:
The ice from my ice maker has a funny smell and aftertaste. This ice maker replaced an older one of the same model. The previous one did not seem to have this problem. What do you think it could be?

Hi David,

It’s probably just the finish on the ice maker mold.

Like we learned in Navy Boot Camp: anything new is dirty. You don’t know what’s on the mold in the ice maker- could be residual oils, dusts from the factory, dirty fingers from workers… who knows?

When I install a new ice maker, I like to at least give the ice mold a good rinse with hot water. You don’t need to go Howard Hughes sterile, you’re just trying to get it reasonably clean.

Then I always tell the customer to dump the first three batches of ice. After that, they’re good to go.

Also, it’s always a good idea to make sure the water filter in your refrigerator is fresh and changed every six months, even if you’re on city water. Maybe I should say especially if you’re on city water! Some city water tastes like a dirty swimming pool. A filter that’s changed regularly will really help cut out the smells and garbage that can become amplified when the water is made into ice cubes. If your refrigerator isn’t equipped with a water filter, it’s easy to install an add-on filter.

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