Freezer isn’t blowing cold air into the refrigerator

Your Name: Adam

Type of Appliance: Refrigerator

Brand: Kenmore

Model Number: 106.58726800

Your Precious Words:
My freezer is working just fine, but is not transfering the cold air to the refrigerator. Can you please advise how to troubleshoot what parts i will need? I have a Kenmore coldspot 2008 model #106.58726800.

Hi Adam,

This problem will be one of three things:

1. The evaporator coil (the one in the freezer, behind that back inside panel that makes all the cold air) is choked in with frost, which would indicate a defrost system failure. Remove the back panel inside the freezer after the compressor has been running a while and look a the frost on the evaporator coil; see this page for details ==>

If you have the indications of a failed defrost system, this is separate problem to troubleshoot. The problem will be either the either the defrost heater, defrost thermostat (or bimetal), defrost thermistor (if so equipped, your model isn’t), or the defrost timer or adaptive defrost control (ADC) board, which your model does have. We can help you troubleshoot this in the Appliantology Academy, start a new topic in the Kitchen Forum ==>

2. The evaporator fan (again, in the freezer) isn’t working– the fan motor could be bad or not getting voltage, or the blade could be jammed by a piece of ice. If the blade spins freely, then you’ll need to do some voltage and continuity tests to check the fan motor and it’s voltage supply. We can help you do this in the Appliantology Academy, start a new topic in the Kitchen Forum ==>

3. The damper is stuck closed. The damper is the port between the freezer and the fresh food section that lets cold air from the freezer into the refrigerator side to cool it down. If the damper is stuck closed, the fresh food section will warm up because it’s no longer getting cold air. Dampers can go bad from a failed damper motor (if so equipped– yours isn’t, it’s manually controlled), the damper vanes could be stuck by frost, or a bad fresh food compartment thermistor that controls the damper motor (again, on models so equipped, and yours isn’t).

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