Replacing the suspension shocks on the Whirlpool ThinTwin stackable washer

Shock Absorber

All 24″ Thin Twin® Suspension Spring use this suspension shock kit ==>

It contains three shocks, three self tapping screws, blue Loctite® and an instruction sheet. Correct installation of these springs is crucial for their proper operation. Use all of the parts in the kit and follow the instructions.

Other tips:

  • If one suspension shock goes bad, the other two have been stressed.
  • Replace all three shocks at the same time.
  • Secure the shock to the base before securing it to the tub support.
  • Only turn the bell housing!
  • Use Loc-Tite® on the threads.
  • If the threads in the base are stripped, a 25×13 nut (same as the nut on top of the suspension shock) can be used to secure the shock to the base. It is recommended to use a locking washer, along with the nut.


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