Gas dryer ignitor glows for a moment then goes out, burner never fires up, clothes do not dry

Your Name: Larry

Type of Appliance: Dryer


Model Number: LGQ9508PWO

Your Precious Words:
Have read the post but what makes this strange to me is that it worked fine, moved it 20 feet, other side of the wall it was on, same exhaust connection and same gas line but new connections. Finished the move, fired it up and all that happened is the “pilot” flame ignited but the system did not kick in. Cloths do not dry.

Thoughts on this.

Thank you in advance.

This model does not have a pilot flame. What you’re seeing is the hot surface ignitor glowing momentarily but then going out because the gas valve is failing to open. This is a classic sign of bad gas valve coils. Very easy and inexpensive to replace. Watch videos on how to replace dryer gas valve coils for various dryer models.


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