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A Coffee Maker Worthy of the Samurai

Hi Folks! Mrs. Samurai here. While it’s true that beer is the very lifeblood of this site, when the Samurai shuffles out in the morning after a late night of helping his Grasshoppers fight the good fight, it takes a piping hot cup o’ Joe to get those synapses firing again.

Over the years we’ve tried just about every coffee-making method there is, from the Keurig K-cups to hand-poured to a French press. But with 3 coffee drinkers in the house, we decided last year that nothing beats the ease and consistency of the drip coffeemaker. Problem was, we didn’t have one, so we went to our favorite small-appliance store,, to look for a brewer with a 12-cup capacity and a thermal carafe.

The first one we tried was a Zojirushi, a manufacturer of quality bread machines, rice cookers, and hot-water dispensers. But their coffee maker was obviously not designed for the average groggy consumer who, in a non-caffeinated state, can’t always remember to remove the little black cap that blocks the flow of coffee into the carafe and diverts it to your counter and floor instead. The Zo’ met an untimely end.

Fortunately, the next coffee maker we tried has been a winner so far even after hundreds of uses. The Cuisinart DTC-975 has no annoying little cap or other complicated parts. You just screw on the carafe lid with as much care as you would any lid you want to seat snugly, add water to the appropriate line, grind your beans (in a Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder) and place the grounds into your Swissgold Cone-Shape Coffee Filter, push a button and you’re just minutes away from good coffee that will stay hot for hours. Not that coffee lasts that long around here with the Samurai and his teenage reproductive units needing their caffeine fixes.