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Stories and photos from my magnificent hikes in the legendary White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Shogun Hike up Mt. Cardigan with the Oz Man: the trailer of the blockbuster film coming soon to a theater near you!

Hike up Mt. Cardigan with the Oz Man, April 3, 2012 from Samurai Appliance Repair Man on Vimeo.

The Samurai and Oz man hiked up Mt. Cardigan via the Vistamount Trail and Mt. Gilman. Gorgeous day to be out! Very windy at the summit. The last clip is a small pan from the summit.

Today on Mt. Moosilauke

Awesome day for a late Fall hike in the Whites with The Oz Man. Clear trail until the ridge then about 4″ of slushy snow. Gaitors a must! Clear views on and off, depending on cloud blowage. Summit proper was engulfed in a cloud but good views elsewhere. Up and back via the Glenncliff Trail. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

High Altitude Icemaker Service Call on Franconia Ridge

Oh, the places the Samurai doth go to service broken appliances. This place had 50 mph gusts and -15°F temps. Can you believe this was a broken icemaker call? And there was no way to get my service van up there– believe me, I tried! No, I had to trudge four miles up the mountain on the Old Bridal Path through snow and clouds carrying all my tools on my back. Never did find the house, either. I think they gave me a bum address. Here’s a video of me looking for it.

Oy, I’m gettin’ too old for this bidness.

(Video shot on Thursday, January 21, 2010)

Trail Break

All this appliance repair talk is eating my brain! I’ve uploaded some pics from a few of my winter hikes this season. Best viewed in fullscreen mode. Turn your speakers up and click the thumbnail images below to watch the slideshows. Enjoy!

Mt. Cardigan

Slideshow for Mt. Cardigan hike.


Mt. Moosilauke

Slideshow for hike up Mt. Moosilauke.


Southern Saints Romp (Mt. Antipas and Webster Cliff)

Slideshow for the hike in the Southern Saints.


Mts. North and South Kinsman

Slideshow for hike up North and South Kinsman.


Mt. Sunapee

Slideshow for Mt. Sunapee hike.


Samurai’s Appliance Repair Photo Galleries

After you’ve been kicking around the Web a while, you find that you’ve scattered your photo albums among several photo-sharing websites. As newer, slicker photo storing websites come available, you start using them; I never bother to transfer my photos from the older sites, waaay too tedious and, besides, I have important things to do, like picking tuna from between my teeth or scratching my bum then seeing how long I can resist sniffing my fingers.

Anyway, I’ve consolidated all my vast and awesome galleries of appliance repair photo albums into one convenient little page with its own little domain name: Be there now.

Hillstomping Update: Ragged Mountain, 10032005

My Three Nads: Samenilla, Stephenitza, and Bubba on Ragged Mountain’s Eastern Summit (click to enlarge)

Autumn Takes Root at Ragged Mountain in Danbury, NH (click to enlarge)

Brown, Smudgy Smog Layer Settles in Over the White Mountains (click to enlarge)

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Report from the Trail, Part 1

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Report from the Trail, Part 2

(Part 3 was deleted due to poor cellular phone call quality.)

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Report from the Trail, Part 4