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GE JTP18 convection oven door won’t open after clean cycle; DOOR error on control panel

Don wrote:

GE convection oven model # JTP18WOW1WW Oven has blinking light “door locked” Enter in any temp for oven and DOOR comes up on screeen

Thank you


1. Door will not open after self clean cycle due to motorized latch motor stuck in closed position or

2. Grinding noise during motorized lock operation.

Both issues are caused by interference of the inner vent trim slot with the latch arm as it travels to the closed position.


Replace both the door lock motor assembly and inner vent trim.

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How to locate the thermal fuse in a GE Profile “Hydrowave” washer

You know you have a blown thermal fuse in this washer when the control panel lights up but the motor doesn’t run; you check the status LED on the motor (see this post for more on that) and it’s dead, no lights, nuttin’. That’s a blown thermal fuse. Here’s where it lives:

GE Hydrowave Washer Thermal Fuse Location

Here’s what it looks like:

Thermal Fuse
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And you can buy the replacement right here ==> Thermal Fuse. The replacement kit comes with complete destructions.

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