Appliance Tip Update

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on September 30, 2002

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Appliance Tip Update

In case you’re new to this website, here’s a table of all the Appliance Tip of the Day posts to date. If you’d like to receive this and other fun facts to know and tell in your email, you can join the Appliantology group. Keep in mind that since new tips are continually being added and this entry was posted in September, 2002, this table is already out of date. You can see the current table of tips here. Happy fixing!

Kitchen Appliance Tips Laundry Appliance Tips
Properly Loading a Dishwasher Levelling Your Washer
Loud or Weird Noises in Your Fridge Washer Water Usage
Storing Flesh Meats Safely Preventing Washer Floods
Buying a New Refrigerator Sudsing out of Your Washer Drain Stand Pipe
Icemaker Water Filters Gas Dryer Problem Solver
Sooty Burner in Your Gas Oven Dryer Stops when the Start Button is Released
The New GE IM6 Icemaker How to Replace Your Dryer Belt
Buying a Replacement or Add-on Icemaker Slow Water Flow into Your Washer
Custom-Made Gaskets for Commercial Refrigeration Hooking up a Gas Dryer
Money Saving Tips for Commercial Kitchens  
Range Clock Fault Codes  
No Ice in Your Whirlpool or KitchenAid Side-by-Side Fridge with In-Door Ice  
General Appliance Tips
Appliance Use and Care Manuals Your Detergents Suck
Ohm’s Law Appliance Service Calls
Appliance Parts Breakdown Diagrams Genuine Manufacturer’s Repair Manuals
Who REALLY Made Your Appliance? Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances

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