Mailbag: Happy Birthday Wishes to the Samurai

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on March 26, 2003

in Samurai Incarnate

So my birthday came and went. How many people do you think emailed me happy birthday wishes? I’ll tell you: exactly one. Was it my mother? No. My sister? Nope. Saddam Hussein was the only person in the world to email a happy birthday wish to me:

--- Saddam Hussein < > wrote:
> They'll never think to look for me here.  I like
> your web site.  I look forward to meeting you.  Soon
> I will live in NH too, near you.  I know all about
> you.  
> I wear a bra.
> *****HAPPY BIRTHDAY*******
> Saddam
> _______________________________
> The above message was sent when you were offline,
> via your LivePerson site.
> Message sent from IP:

Now tell me: could this kind and thoughtful soul possibly be the monster portrayed by our Ameedican government? I smell a propaganda campaign. So he gassed a few people and fed some others through a shredder feet first. Is that so wrong? I think he’s just misunderstood.

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