Mailbag: Fisher & Paykel Washer that Won’t Start

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on November 28, 2004

in Washer Repair

Fisher & Paykell Smart drive Model GWL08 – No Start

Mains power outage occured and when power came back on washing machine will not

All lights come on as per normal and machine appears to ready to start. Can
select diferent cycles water levels temperatures etc but pressing start gives
usual beep but no action. Have turned of at mains to reset electronics etc, even
left of overnight – still no start. Has the main board failed? or am I missing
something other than a life away from the tools.

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Try putting the controls into diagnostic mode. The tech sheet inside the control panel explains how to do this but I’ll include an abbreviated procedure here for other grasshoppers who surf into this post.

To enter Diagnostic Mode:

  • Turn power off at the console
  • Press and hold the wash temperature down then press the power button. The machine should give two short beeps.
  • The different levels of information can be extracted by using the spin speed up or the spin speed down buttons.

If the control board won’t enter diagnostic mode, it’s a good bet the control board is fried. Usually, when the control board fails, one of the line voltage components fried and took out the control board, too. Be sure to test the peripheral components before replacing the control board or you could fry a brand new one. More information on Fisher & Paykel washing machines here.

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