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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Herd of Sheeple

I just love kickin' that old horse, Socialist Insecurity. It's such a perfect example of how far we've fallen from a once-proud nation of independent people who prized self-sufficiency and were skeptical of government into a bleating herd of quivering sheeple, utterly dependent on Big Government to take care of us. Mark Outland, at Sierra Times, explains this well:

Social Security, the largest and most invasive Ponzi scheme the world has ever known, has done more to destroy the American ideals of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility than any other single factor, and the fear and hysteria surrounding the President's suggestion of personal retirement accounts is proof. Somehow, America managed to grow and prosper for 150 years without such massive personal interference. ... During most of this time, the concept that each person was responsible for themselves was a given. Even charity was conditioned upon true need. ... Even when charity was given, the social pressures to quickly move from dependency to self-sufficiency -- and personal responsibility -- were great and ever-present. ... People were expected to do whatever was necessary to provide for themselves, and not expect their fellow citizens to provide for them. [read more]

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