Monthly Archives: May 2002

Live Help Update for Friday

My illustrious internet provider, Adelphia, picked tonight to go down so I am without high speed internet access. I’m writing this on my wife’s computer, which is dial-up Mindspring–reliable but moves at glacial speed compared to cable. Gawd, I forgot how pokey dial-up is! So, I don’t know when I’ll be on-line tonight ’cause I can’t tolerate this dial-up crap. Maybe I’ll be on-line, maybe not. Remember, if you’re ever unhappy with the service here at, please feel free to request a refund, no questions asked. At, we care. Yeah. We care a lot.

Live Help Schedule for Thursday, 5/30/2002

Sporadic during the first part of the morning, probably nothing in the afternoon, and then I’ll be on steadily all evening after about, oh, 7-ish ’till about midnight or 1am. (New Hampshire time)

Traffic to the website has steadily increased. Currently, I’m getting about 1,100 users per day. Not bad for a home-made, low-budget operation like I’m even starting to see users on after midnight (Eastern Time), which used to be rare. ‘Course, this also means the posts to the forum have increased and some of those posts have been pretty bizarre. Like that dingbat Dierdre Holmes, described yesterday. She finally admitted she was a liar and apologized, asking me to remove her mailing address from the forum. I graciously agreed…provided she makes the right contribution to the United Samurai Beer Fund, of course. Oh boy, maybe I can buy a whole 12-pack of Bud Lite goosenecks!

The activity in the forums has picked up considerably, too, and is taking up so much time that I don’t have much left over to add new content to my website. Brain, Brewer, and Jeff help out alot and I really appreciate it. Thanks, gang!

Ok, second attempt at using the blogger thang. When the first message didn’t take, I started re-thinking my original plan of replacing my current, hand-coded What’s New? for something like this that seemed more streamlined. Probably just takes getting used to it. I’ll try it again. It’s still a good idea since using this will encourage me to update the What’s New? page more frequently. Ok then.