Mailbag: DCS Range Parts

Dear Samurai Appliance Repair Master,

I humbly submit my question to you: I
bought a house two years ago, and it came with a really nice stainless DCS range,
but lately the spark igniter for the top burners has stopped working. First one
side went out (two burners) and a couple months later the other side stopped
working too. It makes a click-click sound but the fire does not light. A match
lights it just fine, but I’d like to fix it. I am guessing I need two new
igniter gizmo’s, can you recommend where I can buy this part and does it come with
installation instructions?

Many Thanks,

Paul LeMay

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Sounds like you’re referring the white ceramic spark electrodes by each stove burner. You can buy parts for DCS appliances here. The parts usually don’t come with instructions but, in this case, you don’t need ’em–it’s plug n’ play.

Fun Fact to Know and Tell: Fisher & Paykel recently acquired DCS.


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