4 thoughts on “Fridaire Gallery Front Load Washer won’t Drain or Spin

  1. inadancer

    just wondering….i have somewhat the same problem…..wash cycle starts and then all of a sudden clicks off….the timer still runs through its cycles but nothing is happening…then once in a while it clicks back on! i shut off the timer/cycle knob (pushed it in to stop it)came back about 10 minutes later, pulled it back out and it ran through the whole cycle no problem! i have a load in the washer right now and i heard it click off….2 minutes later clicked back on! what is going on?

  2. kls

    I have a similar problem with my Frigidaire front load washer. The model # is FTF2140FS1. Right now, the drum has water in it and is loaded with a medium size load of clothes. The knob is set to drain/spin, the electronic start button is flashing but will not start the washer. The door is unlocked, but securely closed. Detergent tray is also closed. Mr. Samurai, please help! Thank you.

  3. kevin

    hello i have a frigidaire front load gallery wash that seems to not drain all the way out. it seems to work if i put on a exrta drain and spin. i have pulled the back of the washer off and pulled the drain hose off and can not fined any kinda of clog. please help !!!!!!!!!

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