Disassembling a Maytag Drying Center

Common model numbers are MCE8000AY and MCG8000AW. These models have been out long enough for something to break and need fixing. Here’s the Cliff Notes tear down procedure:

  • Remove the two screws that connect the front panel to the lint trap housing.
  • Open the upper cabinet dryer and unscrew the four screws that span across the rear of the control panel.
  • Move the control panel up and be aware that you will have to detach at least one electrical connector to get the panel out of the way. This will allow you to swing the control panel to the left.
  • Remove the five screws located across the top of the bottom panel– previously hidden by the control panel).
  • Swing the top of the panel out and gently pull up to remove the bottom of the panel from the brackets.
  • Unhook the electrical connector on the lower right side which will allow you to swing the panel to the left.
  • Sit back and reward your self with a cold one. Hey, grab me one while you’re at it. Domo!


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