Appliance Repair Radio Update

listen to our podcast or we'll break into your house at night and slice open our bellies on the new marmoleum floor in your kitchen.You wanted another all listener emails episode. You’ve flooded us with email demanding it. And a surprising number of you have actually immolated yourselves and had your cousins mail me photos of your smoldering, sizzling carcasses. That got our attention. So, here it is, another all listener email episode! (Now, stop with the photos, please.) And, best of all, it’s less than 15 minutes short.

Bob has a Kenmore electric range that doesn’t heat; the lights work and a warming burner, but the main oven and stove elements don’t get hot. What are the things to check?

As a result of Euclidean geometry, Doug is contemplating venting his dryer into the crawl space of his house. To do otherwise would require a very long dryer vent with multiple turns. What’s the problem with venting a dryer into a crawl space?

Ah, grasshoppah, listen and learn!

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