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Appliance Repair Radio: How to Use the Samurai Appliance Repair Forum

listen to our podcast and you could win a million dollars!  then again, pigs may fly out of my butt.The world-famous Samurai Appliance Repair Forum is the premiere free appliance repair information resource on the web. In this steamy installment, the Samurai and Mrs. Samurai teach you how to effectively use this appliance repair oracle to get free, expert repair help. Empower yourself and tune in to this episode now!

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GE Arctica Refrigerator Troubleshooting Tech Sheet

If you have one of those infernal GE refrigerators with the muthahboard in the back and you know how to use a multimeter to make simple electrical measurements, this tech sheet is a powerful weapon to have in your troubleshooting arsenal.

GE Refrigerator Muthaboard Tech's Cheat Sheet
(click to enlarge)

(Courtesy of Jabko, one of the Sublime Masters of Appliantology at the Samurai Appliance Repair Forum.)

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Maytag Atlantis Washer: No Cold Water in Any Temperature Setting

The unsuspecting neophyte may be tempted to shotgun this one and just replace the water inlet valve, hoping to get lucky. And you just might get lucky IF your valve has the built-in thermistor AND the thermistor is bad. However, the temperature control board in these washers have been a troublemaker and can induce this same symptom. How can a grasshopper tell which is the real problem? By grokking this topic in the laundry forum.

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Error Codes for the Sub-Zero 600 Series Refrigerators


05 Refrig. Cabinet Thermistor read open or shorted for 10+ seconds, or repeatedly read erratic temp’s

06 Refrig. Evaporator Thermistor read open or shorted for 10+ seconds, or repeatedly read erratic temp’s

07 Freezer Cabinet Thermistor read open or shorted for 10+ seconds, or repeatedly read erratic temp’s

08 Freezer Evaporator Thermistor read open or shorted for 10+ seconds, or repeatedly read erratic temp’s

20 Defrost Under-heat with No Voltage Feedback Through Gray/White Wire at Defrost Start

21 Defrost Overheat

22 No Voltage Feedback Through Gray/White Wire at Defrost Start

23 Defrost Overheat with No Voltage Feedback through Gray/White Wire at Defrost Start

24 Defrost Under-heat

30 Excessive Icemaker Water Valve Solenoid Activation (Exceeded 15 Seconds)

40 Excessive Freezer Compressor Run

50 Excessive Refrigerator Compressor Run

NOTE: If a refrigerator evaporator thermistor is faulty, the refrigerator compressor is not energized until compartment air temperature exceeds high offset by 5°F (3°C). SERVICE flashes and Error Code 06 is logged.

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Appliantology Newsletter, Summer 2006 Issue is Now Out!

ouch!The long-awaited summer edition of our award-winning newsletter, Appliantology, has hit the streets and people are snapping it up. This issue explains how to help your refrigerator keep its cool and what to do when it warms up. Hurry and download it now from this link before it gets all used up (400 KB, pdf file).

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Happy Fixing!

Fahrenheit or Celsius Temperature Selection in GE Ovens

If you’ve accidentally switched the oven control on your GE oven from Fahrenheit to Celsius (or vice versa), it can seem like an oven control problem; the keypad will accept some temperature selections and not others. Easy enough to switch back to the way you want it– this excerpt from your owner’s manual explains the technique:

Your oven control is set to use the Fahrenheit

temperature selections but you may change this

to use the Celsius selections.

Press the BAKE and BROIL HI/LO

pads (on double oven models use

the upper oven controls) at the same

time for 3 seconds until the display

shows SF.

Press the BROIL HI/LO pad. The

display will show F (Fahrenheit).

Press the BROIL HI/LO pad again. The

display will show C (Celsius).

Press the START pad.

NOTE: On double oven models the new setting

will be displayed for both ovens.

How to *Know* if Your Gas Oven Ignitor is Bad (without guessing)

this universal oven ignitor works great in most ranges and ovens.  click it to git it, hoss, click it to git it.Your gas oven won’t heat up and, since you’re a contemplative person who knows what you don’t know, you’d like to learn how to prove which part is bad. Come with me now and read the inspiring story of how a diligent grasshopper proved that the ignitor in his oven was bad and once again filled his kitchen with the smell of freshly-baked spam casserole.

Using Drāno to Unclog a Dishwasher?

this one don't click, Slick.I know, you would think this is an obvious Bozo No-No. Not only will caustic chemicals, like Drāno, inflict more injury on your dishwasher, it does nothing to fix the problem. But, incredibly, there are mental midgets out there who do this and then don’t bother telling the appliance servicer that their dishwasher basin is full of Drāno when he has his hands immersed in the caustic slurry. And these people can vote and have a say in electing other morons, like themselves, to office! Forget about terrorism or nuclear missiles– our real menace is 100% made-in-Ameedica, homegrown boneheads.

Dr. Fridge recently posted about this in the kitchen forum. Here is his Public Service Announcement on this topic:

I have a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for it has happened to me TWICE now.

Customer has a Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawer that wasnt draining. (First time it was a GE dishwasher… another customer)

First thing I do is see if there is blockage in the unit… I open the drawer, remove the filter plate, filter cup, rack and wash arm (remind you that there is water still in the bottom) and I am diggin my hand in there to see if there is blockage.

Just then the customer feels it is a good time to tell me that she poured a bunch of DRANO in the dishwasher!!!!!

I have had my hand in that garbage for a few minutes and THEN she tells me????

At least the first time the customer warned me BEFORE I had my hand in it. Luckily nothing happened to me… But customers PLEASE do NOT put drain cleaner in your dishwasher… It is NOT gonna fix the problem.

Maytag Neptune Washer: Belt Won’t Stay on Main Pulley; Washer Repair

Maytag Neptune Washer with Bad Drum BearingsThis problem is usually big trouble in Little China, budrow, because it can be an indication that the drum bearings are shot and you have a big repair in your future. One sure sign that the bearings are the root of all evil here is if you see brown splatter all over the back of the drum and bottom of the washer, as shown here (do I really need to say, “click the picture for a larger view?”).

But, fear not, my leetle grasshopper, for other grasshoppers, like unto yourself, have successfully undertaken this very repair and have emerged victorious. Yea, verily, read all about it ratcheer.

Whirlpool Calypso Washer Intermittent Drain Failure; Washer Repair

The Calypso washer, nick-named the “Collapse-o,” has been a huge debacle for Whirlpool with numerous and frequent failures. You can almost hear the Whirlpool engineers asking themselves, “What the hell were we smoking when we pulled this thing out of our sphincters?” To top it off, intermittent problems are the worst kind to troubleshoot and repair. Read the heart-warming story of one grasshopper’s tenacity and triumph in battling this most infuriating of washer malfunctions.

Appliance Repair Radio: How to Use to, well, Fix It Now

Listen to our podcast or we'll tell all your friends that you eat cat food.In this long-awaited episode, the Samurai and Mrs. Samurai reveal the inner secrets of how to use, the ultimate appliance repair tool, to find the appliance repair information you need to fix it now. Come, entré vous.

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Asko 1303 Dishwasher Won’t Start

First, check the usual suspects: Make sure the circuit breaker isn’t tripped and that the wires at dishwasher’s power junction box aren’t burnt.

Burnt Wire Nut in a Dishwasher Junction Box

If all that checks out, then go right to the control panel area.

Asko 1303 Dishwasher Burnt Start Button and Wiring

Asko dishwashers have had problems with the wiring in the control panel area burning or melting– very messy. While your problem may not be as dramatic as that, the problem may still be visible.

For example, you may find burnt or discolored wire terminals…

Asko 1303 Dishwasher Burnt Start Button and Wiring

or the spades on the start button switch may be burnt– anything burnt or discolored has to be replaced…

Asko 1303 Dishwasher Burnt Start Button and Wiring

You can buy any replacement parts you need right here.

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Basic Appliance Troubleshooting Flowchart

Appliance Troubleshooting FlowchartThe essential skill in good appliance troubleshooting is being able to take a complex problem and logically work through it to the solution. This general strategy is illustrated by this handy flow chart— click it for a larger view. You may wish to print it out and keep it handy for your next appliance repair project. Please note that this flow chart is for mature DIYers only