Does Your Appliance Servicer Have the Skills Needed to Repair Your Appliances?


name = doctor rock
country = USA
comments = I’ve been in this field 8 years as an appliance tech and hvac, and this is the best site i;ve seen. thanks for all the help.The company i work fpr provides no training of any kind,and everything i know is by hands on figuring out stuff and osmosis. thanks again. p.s how do i make a beer cooler out of a fridge?

Domo for the good words, mah bruthah. What you describe is an epidemic problem in all the skilled traded. Companies are so strapped to find good appliance repair technicians that they’ve given up training them; instead, they’re simply training monkeys to change parts.

However, I’ve recently completed preliminary work on a new microchip implant that bypasses the need for appliance-specific training. It’s called the Appliantology 3000® Total Appliance Awareness Microchip Implant (TAAMI).

Since appliance servicers have access to so many homes and can immediately report suspicious activity, federal law now mandates that all appliance service personnel working in the trade as of January 2005 must recieve the TAAMI implant as part of our nation’s war against terror. All medical expenses for the procedure are paid for by Uncle Sam. You’ll be contacted by the Department of Homeland Security in the next couple of months about arranging your surgery.

Remember, together we appliance techs are the bulwark of Democracy standing against the tyranny of those who hate our freedoms!

P.S. As for turning a fridge into a beer cooler, well, that’s kinda redundant– a fridge IS a beer cooler, some folks just choose to store other stuff in there. If you’re interested in converting a beer cooler into a keg cooler, this topic in the kitchen forum may illumine you.


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