Tales from the Buttcrack, Episode No. 1,897: Defective Customers

And now, for your reading pleasure, another inspirational episode of Tales from the Buttcrack, with your host, Samurai Appliance Repair Man.

Today’s episode is brought to us by “Trying to Help,” one of the Sublime Masters of Appliantology in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forum. “Trying to Help” is a technical manager with the service division of a large, national appliance manufacturer. He describes a recent service call that one of his service techs went on. Let’s listen…

Sent a tech out yesterday on a 8 year old Jenn-Air DD slide in. Call marked COD and tech confirms charges at the door. Complaint is no display, tech has the clock with him and provides the quote prior to installing it. Customer is happy that we have the part and agrees to the charges.

Also wants the DD fan looked at because it has never worked. Tech tries it and sure enough it does not come on. Pulls the front panel off and presto! No DD fan has ever been installed! No vent hole cut either! Tech explains this to consumer and advises if they know the local people they bought it from possibly they could supply the motor.

Tech tries to collect for payment for clock repair and now consumer (husband) tells tech, oh, we have a 10 year warranty parts and labor. Tech shows consumer in use and care that the major controls are covered for 5 years parts only and reminds them that they agreed to the charges not more then 10 minutes ago. Consumer becomes irate and still refuses to pay.

Tech calls me from home with consumer yelling and I advised tech inform consumer that we will remove part and be on our way if that is what they want, this is agreed to and tech removes the part and gets out of Dodge (Augusta actually).

About 30 minutes goes by and I am asked to call the consumer regarding a complaint on the tech. They do not know I was the one he called earlier when I call. They then accuse the tech of stealing the DD fan assembly and the venting!!! Claiming it worked fine before he got there and now the clock has no display as well.

I advised them that the call out there was for clock has no display and that the tech had told me from there kitchen that the units DD system has never worked because there was no motor and no venting was ever even run. I was informed at this point that they will not call us anymore because we were not giving them the quality of service they desired!!

I’m sorry, you jipped us out of our diagnostic charge, wasted an hour of our time and had my tech install a part you had no intention of paying for in the first place. Oh yea, then accusing him of theft!! All for the low onetime reasonable price of … NOTHING! Where else can you get that service these days! Oh yea, had to listen to the mandatory we will tell all our other freeloading friends to not call you again nonsense.

USDA Grade-A Cheesedorks.

Join us again next week for another inspiring episode of Tales from the Buttcrack.


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