Mailbag: Using a Digital Multimeter in Appliance Repair

i would like to understand the process of useing a digital multimeter to figure out why my kenmore gas dryer will not operate.

i just bought it (used) brought it home , hooked it up and ran it for a few minutes (empty) now …….nothing, i don’t understand how to use this tool properly to make a diagnosis. will you PLEASE give me some of your profound input

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Ahh, Grasshoppah, the Samurai anticipated your questions ages ago when he wrote his timeless parable, Making Basic Electrical Measurements. It has since become a classic in the sacred scriptures of Appliantology. Be there now.

Your loins now girded with this arcane wisdom, come use this parchment from the sacred scrolls to test the components in your dryer burner and cast out the demons. Procure your replacement parts here.

Can I hear an, “Om shanti?”


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