GE Profile Oven with an Intermittent F7 Error Code

I am on my knees bowing to you you honerable great samurai master!!

I have a GE Profile oven that has been giving me an intermittant F7 error code for years. The repair man said it was the computer board. I figured it was bullsh*t to spend big bucks on a computer board for a piece of sh*t oven that started having symptoms shortly after the warranty expired. I recently googled the problem and eventually came across your site. I followed your worldly advice exactly and fully repaired the oven for a total cost of 97 cents!!!! The cost of a small tube of electrical connection cleaner. I could have easily replaced the board, LED display, or even bought a whole new double convection oven.

YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much. I am telling all of my friends about you!



Gilroy, CA

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This is what it’s all about: you have a broken oven, you search the Internet, find the answer ratcheer and, budda-bing, budda-boom, problem solved!

In your particular case, I had a page already written on the GE oven F7 problem. In other cases, I may not have anything already written up; however, I can personally guide you through the troubleshooting and repair in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forum. In the repair forum, my brethren in The Craft and I have helped thousands of people fix their own appliances.

Congratulations on your successful repair, my worthy apprentice. To commemorate your repair victory, I present you with the Apprentice of the Minute trophy…

Apprentice of the Minute


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