Wolf Oven Goes BANG!

Dear Samurai Repair Man:

I have a question regarding my new Wolf wall oven. Within a few minutes of turning the oven on to bake or broil, it makes a loud bang. Is this due to heat expansion and is it a problem?

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The operative word here is “new,” as in, “still under warranty.” If this is a gas oven, call Wolf and stay on their corporate azz until they completely and utterly eliminate this problem. This could be caused by improper ignition of the gas fuel in the burner. If left uncorrected, this condition can get progressively worse until, one day, after you try to light the oven, the door blasts across the kitchen like a cannon shot. In that day, may St. Applianopoulous, patron saint of appliance techs all over the world, be watching over you.

If the wall oven is electric, you should still insist that Wolf correct this. It most likely does not present any kind of danger but, given the price tag on these ovens, it is reasonable for you to expect that this oven is perfect. If they give you any grief, ask them why Whirlpool can make a $600 wall oven that doesn’t bang and clang but Wolf can’t do this even at four times that price!


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