The Genesis of Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Samurai! Whoa, dude, you are something else. Every time I get on the site to look something up I end up getting sidetracked by a lot of other stuff you’ve written. Haikus?!? Kinda weird, man. I can’t help but wonder – have you always been an appliance tech?

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Ah, Grasshoppah, your query warms my cockles. My real beginning in learning the ancient martial art of Fixite Do goes back to the Navy in the late 70’s where I repaired aircraft navigational appliances as a snot-nosed teenaged enlisted puke.

After my sentence in the Navy, I went to collitch so I could learn how to spell words like “collitch.” Afterwards, I took a Dilbert detour and led a life of quiet desperation working in cubicle farms designing industrial refrigeration appliances.

About 12 years ago, someone shared the Gospel according to St. Applianopoulous with me. I accepted the Lord Fixus as my personal guru and I converted to the Appliantology faith. After my baptism, I was renamed to Samurai Appliance Repair Man. The old me is dead, all things are made new in Fixus! My new faith has informed my particular style of Fixite Do ever since. Amen.


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