Locating the Tech Sheet in a GE Dishwasher

At some point, the electronic controls on your GE dishwasher will go squirrelly and you’ll need to troubleshoot them. How do I know this? Because GE dishwashers, along with just about every other dishwasher on the market today, violate the 5th Law of the Prophecy; repeat after me, “Electronics and wet appliances do not mix.”

OK, so the day of reckoning finally arrives and your GE dishwasher shi’ites the bed. First thing you gotta do is locate the dishwasher’s tech sheet. Every, and I mean every, GE dishwasher is shipped with a tech sheet. The tech sheets are carefully hidden in the dishwasher body to keep homeowners from finding them.

So, let us attend to the sage instruction of Jedi Appliance Guy on the proper technique for locating and extracting the tech sheet in your GE dishwasher:

Take out the 4 1/4 inch screws that hold the two parts of the service panel in place. Lay down on the floor on your left side and look under the dishwasher. You’ll notice there is a piece of sheet metal lining the underside of the tub.

The tech sheet is tucked between the tub and the sheet metal on the right side of the machine toward the front. Grab the sheet with your left hand.

Now suppose you go and search for the tech sheet as instructed but you still can’t find it.

“But, Samurai, my dishwasher never came with one!”

Yea verily, Grasshoppah, this is bullsheist that doth stinketh in my nostrils. If the dishwasher has never been serviced by anyone other than you, then the tech sheet is indeed there, you just ain’t lookin’ hard enough.

If, on the other hand, your dishwasher has been visited by a “professional” appliance tech and you really, really can’t find the tech sheet, then that can only mean one thang: the sorry sumbeech done stole it from you!

You should always use the specific tech sheet made for your exact model number. For example, if you have a GE Quiet Power III, Model GSD5610D02AA, and you just can’t find your tech sheet, you can borrow my copy (just be sure to return it):

Tech sheet, page 1

Tech sheet, page 2

Tech sheet, page 3

You can order a replacement tech sheet for your model directly from GE for a nominal fee.


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