How to Replace the Door Switch on a Whirlpool Duet or Kenmore HE3t (and HE4t) Front Loading Washing Machine

Replacing the door lock latch assembly is a common repair on this washer. Fortunately, it’s also an easy and inexpensive repair… relative to, say, replacing the entire drum assembly. I’d rate this one a single mug on the world-famous SUDS-o-meter.

Broken Door Latch on a Whirlpool Duet or Kenmore HE3 WasherLots of times, you can tell the door lock assembly is bad by noticing if this little nub is broken off– click the pic, Slick. If it is, well, slam-dunk: come git you a new door lock latch assembly.

The door latch could also be bad electrically, meaning that one of its little inner switches finally switched off for good. But to know that, like, fer sher, Dude, you’ll need this service manual and a multi-meter.

Otay, Buh’weet, replacing the door lock latch assembly is about as easy as cleaning out the p-trap under your sink, but not nearly as interesting. Just download this pdf file from the forum– it lays it all out for you, complete with “purdy pitchers.” You’ll need to be a member of the forum to download the file; this link explains how to join.


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