Frigidaire-built Kenmore Front-Loading Washer Won’t Spin

Common problem with this otherwise tragically flawed washer: it will tumble and pump out the water in the tub, but it will not spin. Usually, the problem is the speed control board. However, in accordance with the Ichiban Law of the Prophecy, you should use your meter and do a few tests to prove that the board is bad.

“But, wise and besotted Samurai, what tests are those of which you utter with slurring speech and stumbling gait?”

The ones that are printed on your washer’s tech sheet, Slick, which you’ll find behind the kickplate.

This topic in the repair forum links you to a service manual for this washer and, oh, so much more. Come ye and bask in the ancient wisdom of Fixite Do with the Sublime Masters of Appliantology at the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums.

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