Draining Problem with a Kenmore – Whirlpool – KitchenAid “PowerClean” Dishwasher

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Hi there. hope you can help me. I have a kenmore dishwasher that is having drainage issues. it was draining slow so my husband rather than first checking hoses for clogs decided to take apart the assembly inside the dishwasher that spins and sprays the water on the dishes. he got it back to gether but now it doesn’t drain at all. there were 2 little white balls that he couldn’t figure out where they go. i’m guessing that might be the trouble. we did check the hoses and there was a clog that is now cleared. the model number is 655-16765691. I would apprieciate any help you can give. thanks

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Sounds like you’re wrestling with the flavor of Whirlpool dishwasher (despite the “Kenmore” label, your dishwasher was manufactured by Whirlpool) that has the famous PowerClean module. These are the nuclear bomb of dishwashers and were some of the best dishwasher pump assemblies ever made. All dishwashers made today are limp-wristed little bedwetters made to comply with the Gubmint’s Energy Star requirements– for more about this, see my narrowly-acclaimed screed, “Any Good Dishwashers Today?

Anyway, if you are fortunate enough to have one of the venerable PowerClean beasts, then it sounds like hubby has misplaced his balls… the two little check balls you referred to in your email, that is. Eh hem. The correct placement of these check balls in the pump assembly is muy grande essential to the proper water pressure development and distribution in this machine. I won’t bore you with the details here because it’s all spelled out in this repair forum topic, complete with annotated and custom-made illustrations. Go git ’em!


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