How to Get Help in the World-Famous Samurai Appliance Repair Forum

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I want to post a problem with my GE GSS25LGMB CC. Da Refrig side freezes da fud and da Moose Drool. Where do I start. I Have big sledgehammer and chainsaw tools. ready to order da parts now. While sunning wife in tropics, water filter froze and spray lots water in house. House fixed but GE still broke may need wrecking crew soon. Frozen beer to chewey. HELLLLPPPP
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Whether you’re working on a GE refrigerator, an Asko Oh-NO! dishwasher, or a Scrotilia scrotum scrubber, the procedure for posting a problem in the world-famous Samurai Appliance Repair Forum and getting help from a Master Appliantologist is the same. Sing along with me now…

1) Cut a hole in the box.

2) Put your junk in that box.

Whoops! Sorry, guess I had Christmas on my mind already because I was thinking of that touching video, “A Special Christmas Box.” Alrighty then, let’s try that again.

To get help in the repair forum…

1) Register at the forum.

2) Make a love-offering to the forum.

3) Post your question in the appropriate forum (eg., Kitchen Appliance Forum, Laundry Appliance Forum, etc; don’t even try to start a new topic in the General Appliance Forum because you can’t. Why? Because. )

And then await appliantological wisdom from on high. If you need more verbose instructions, komen zie hither, bitte.

OK, see you on Hollywood Squares!


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