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We have a Fisher & Paykel GWL10US washing machine. My wife just had a repair man out and he said that we need a new drain pump and its about $120 for installation because its more difficult than most washers. I looked on one parts site and they wanted $214 for a drain pump. I can’t find F&P on your parts site. The official F&P site only lists touch panels when I type in the washer model number.

Can you help me out with a parts source that is reasonable?

Thank you, Sir!

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Call F-P: 1-800-863-5394. Tell them you’re unable to find any competent repair service for your washer and they’ll ship you the pump directly.

And this is one of the easiest washers to work on, especially changing the pump. Tip the machine forward on its belly, unclip a wire harness from the pump and then unclip the pump, bayonette style, lefty-loosey. Take you all of seven minutes, even on a bad day.


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