Broken Ice Dispenser on a GE Refrigerator

This problem is common in the GE Profile side by sides with ice dispensers, such as the GE Profile PSS26MGPABB. The dispensers in these otherwise troublesome refrigerators have been a cause of acid reflux and intestinal cramping for billions of unsuspecting owners of GE refrigerators.

The root problem is that the freezer just gets too warm. Ice at the bottom of the augur bucket melts just enough to add a thin layer of water around the augur screw assembly. The water then re-freezes and immobilizes the augur screw. Now, if you go and use the ice dispenser, the mighty augur motor starts to turn the augur screw and… breaks the drive mechanism. You’ll usually end up needing one of these:

GE Ice Bucket and Auger Assembly-- click it to git it.

And it may well happen again due to a screwup in the design of the refrigerator which lets the freezer get warm enough to cause all this mess in the first place.

You could also try replacing just the augur screw– not a user-friendly repair, see this topic in repair forum for details on that.

So, whoever’s gonna buy GE appliances again, raise your hand. Bueller? …Bueller?

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