Tips for Painting Appliances

Re-modeled the house and you’d like to spruce up the looks of your otherwise fully-functional appliances so they match the new decor? One way of doing this is to re-paint the appliances. Yeah, it’s tedious, detailed, unforgiving work but, for some, it’s a treasured tradition in the appliance repair martial arts. Here, now, are some rare pearls of wisdom from a Zen Master of the ancient and mystical art of appliance painting, Sublime Master

I paint alot of appliances, your not gonna get a very good finish with a roll on. You need to start out wet sanding with 220 wet/dry, then wash it down and dry it completely with something that is lint free. once all the water is visually dry, let it sit there for about an hour (there’s still moisture that you can’t see that the air will evaporate). Tape off any trim work and go to town.

enamel / epoxy works best and get the cans that have the “fan spray nozzel”

optimal temp. for painting is 65-70 degrees, if painting outside, dont paint in the wind.

hold can about 8-10″ away and travel about 2″ per second overlapping the previous run about an inch.

wait about 10 min. per coat and do at least 3 coats.

take your time and dont get frustrated, there is an art to it and you are likely to mess up.

if you do mess up (run the paint, put you hand in it, etc.) you gotta let it dry completely and resand that area again (if you want it to look good.)

Hope this helps


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