Mafia Goon Learns Appliance Repair from the Samurai

Samurai Appliance RepairAs many of you already know, the Samurai practices a unique style of appliance repair called Fixite Do (pronounced “fixi-tay doh”), shown here (click the picture for the larger view).

My aggressive appliance repair techniques attracted the attention of none other than the Goddfaddah himself! He recently approached the Samurai and “asked” him to train his nephew, Rocko, in the ancient art of Fixite Do. The Godfaddah wants to start a legitimate appliance repair business to be a front company for a money laundering operation and he wanted his boy trained personally by the Samurai. Let’s just say he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

It took a lot of time and work, but I think I finally managed to make a decent appliance tech out of my underworld apprentice. Don’t be fooled by his slovenly appearance and doltish accent– Rocko will make a fine appliance tech… well, he’ll at least be very good at getting paid. The video below was recorded by a hidden camera during Rocko’s first solo service call. Notice how he wields his wooden katana with Samurai precision as he troubleshoots the problem:


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